I am American (and Dutch now, too)!) living in the beautiful country of the Netherlands for more than 10 years now. I’m 30something years old (sigh), and have an amazing Dutch partner – he’s my world and made this country feel like my “home”.

In 2013 our family of 3 (me, my hunnie, and 6lb Maltese named Sake) became 4 when my son Jasper was born on October 9. Wow did things change! I went from being a tech addicted and geeky gamer (working in marketing) to a baby-talking, diaper changing, so very in love momma (still working in marketing but part time now).

I’ve had a few blogs over the years, and I am fueled by many things in my life. I live to cook and experiment -and celebrate every day as a mom. In 2016 I took the decision to drop two of my blogs and focus solely on smoothiefan.com where I can explore my love for cooking, healthy living, photography, and most of all, glorious smoothies!

I am incredibly addicted to cooking, smoothies, cookbooks, photography, trying new things, experiencing the wonderful tastes of the world. I’ll be sharing tons of my experiments and recipes.

Even more lately, I’ve become a bit of an whole foods addict, I call it “zen eating”. Find that balance, find that passion in healthy food that you love.

So I made this blog… 

SmoothieFan is a food and lifestyle blog dedicated to filing our lives with balance, celebrating great food, family and the wonderful zen that smoothies bring. 

This year, I’m on a mission…. Living a healthier, more balanced, more smoothie filled life.


Join me!

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