Homemade Strawberry Basil Sangria

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This weekend its a holiday weekend both back home in the states (Memorial Day) and here in Holland (Pinksteren) and we were super blessed with expecting 3 full days of S-U-N! So, what better way to enjoy the 85-90f degree weather than with a homemade batch of sangria. But not an ordinary sangria – today we made a strawberry basil sangria!

Thanks to Pinterest I found a ton of recipes for different sangrias and I’m happy to share my adapted recipe – Strawberry Basil Sangria. The flavors go really great together, you won’t be disappointed.

To get starter, you only need a few ingredients.

Simply place 1/2 cup of sugar in your pitcher.

Add 1 diced apple and sliced strawberries to the pitcher. Top with ribbons of basil.Let sit for 10 minutes.

Add 1 cup of club soda than the full bottle of wine.

That’s it! Place in the fridge for about an hour for the flavors to meld.



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    Love it!


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