Homemade DIY Dehydrated Baked Apple Chips

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I really love home made snacks that I control how they are made. Not processed. Good for you ingredients.

Mind you, I love going to my local health food store or co op and buying healthy snacks but now with a part time job and 9 month old baby at home, I’m trying to keep our costs in check. Frequent trips to the health food store begin to add up in cost pretty fast.

One snack hat I love is dehydrated fruit. Now while I wish I had the extra cash to buy a dehydrator (Santa I hope you are reading this), so I have to make due with what I have. So I rooted around the inter webs until I found out how to make my very own apple chips and I had no idea it was is easy!

Annoying because of oh long it takes but definitely easy and way tastier as you can adjust  your seasonings.  Here’s how to make them.

– Grab a few apples & core them.

– Grab your handy dandy mandolin ( you have one, right?) Set the blade to a thin slice.

– Slice up your apples

– Lay them out on a baking sheet on top of baking paper

– Sprinkle with cimmennnommmmon

– Bake in a pre-heated 100C / 200F oven for like EVER. Baking time will vary depending on your slice and type of oven. Start off with an hour, then turn flip the apples and bake for another hour.  For mine it takes about 2 hours.  Your house will smell amazing and you will nearly die waiting but the results at the end are worth it.

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