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I always went through spurts in my eating habits. Some weekends where I meticulously plan out the entire week of meal plans, making sure I had leftovers for specific days to brown bag to work. This worked great when there was time to do it. This time quickly dissipated along with my energy, especially when expecting my first baby.

Though I still ended up wasting food over and over – forgetting to package it after dinner.

Or taking that unhealthy lasagna for lunch.

Sometimes I even tried to get so crafty that I’d make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on the weekend and freeze them. Or breakfast muffins. Then remembering that I don’t own a microwave or got sick of PB&Js very fast.

Or the next morning, I’d forget to pick them up on the way out and STILL not have any lunch or end up going to the corner bakery to spend another 10 euro on a drink + plain cheese sandwich.

So with my ever-increasing Pinterest addiction for recipes, one day I was inspired a few months ago by something I spotted called Salad Jars. In these jars, you basically layer your favorite salad ingredients and grab the jar and go to work. Shake it up (or dump it in a big bowel) and dine to your hearts content at lunch.

Easy. Healthy. Cheap. and the best part, like astronaut food, if prepared the right way these jars last up to a week in the fridge. That means I can make the entire week’s worth on Sunday. My heart melted and I was immediately addicted.

In this new blog, I’ll share not only my how to guide for how you can make these very own jars in your home, but also explore many new recipes that I concoct. What works, what doesn’t, how long did they last?

Best part is that my other half is now up for trying out the jars, so I’ll be making double batches on Sunday and will be blessed to share opinions of both me (the hippy in the family) and my meat-eating boyfriend on quality, taste, and variety.

It’s not only about salads…

Another cool thing about the jars, it doesn’t only apply to salads. I’ve been making breakfast oatmeal (overnight of course) and many other recipes in them as well. Join me as we explore the world of Jars to Go together


No more wasting food
No more not knowing what to have for lunch
No more going out every day at lunch
No more blah food
No more messy refrigerator
No more plastic containers and brown bag lunches
No more unhealthy food.
No more skipping lunch.
No more wondering what to eat today.

Dishwasher safe
Not plastic
Make food look delicious
Stackable and packable
Lids and jars can be purchased separately
Help control portions
The Basics

Purchase and lay out all the food you are going to prepare, and wash and dry your jars and lids. It helps to have a variety of jar sizes giving you different portion options. For work I use half-pint jars, snacks in mini jars, and larger salads or dinner meals in quart-sized jars.

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