Cantaloupe Cooler Fresh Juice Recipe

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Cantaloupe Cooler Fresh Juice

Juicing is a great way to get loads of vitamins while drinking a yummy fruit or veggie concoction. It requires the use a a juicer, these aren’t cheap and can typically run a hundred bucks or more. When I lived in the states, I had a single purpose juicing machine and now that I’ve moved to the Netherlands I have a multipurpose machine that does more than juicing.

Both worked fine for me.

Both sucked to clean lol

The juice is WAY worth it. =)

So assuming you have a juicing machine, let’s get started.  This is an easy and tasty juice to make. Just make sure you have fresh produce and the juicer ready for the job, a blender won’t due for this one we’re going to be juicing the rind and all.


How to Make the Recipe


Simply throw the ingredients through your juicer, rind included on the melon, yes… RIND INCLUDED. This has tons of vitamins that we normally don’t get from melons.

No seeds though, make sure to pull them out before you run the melon through. The same goes for the apple, cut it in a few pieces before running it through and don’t include the seeds.


Enjoy! Just look how beautiful this pure juice is.

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